Fire, Water, Earth, Air & spirit

Cathartic Art - Find the Beautiful in You
Experience All 5 Elements

Experience the healing power of Art & Nature

Begin your journey now, releasing your emotions one  element experience at a time.

What's included?

  • Elevate your emotions
  • Learn how to express yourself
  • Satisfaction from within
  • Multisensory -Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic experiences that you'll love
  • Absolutely No Artistic Experience Needed
  • Transformative like no other

  • 5 Unique Guided Cathartic Courses
  • 15 Sessions
  • 5 Free Bonus pdf Companion Field Guides, One for Each Course
  • Free Additional Resource Guide Included
  • You will be guided to complete at least 5 unique paintings
  • The Courses Never Expire
  • Repeatable Whenever Needed or Desired
  • Exclusive Membership to our Companion Facebook Group

  • Free Hard Cover Companion Journal Only Available With This Bundle!

The perfect take along to continue the healthy outlet of your emotions

Experience All 5 Elements

Begin your journey today, releasing your emotions one by one through all 5 element experiences.
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