Cathartic Art - Find the Beautiful in You

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Cathartic Art
 Find the Beautiful in You!
Experience the Healing Power of Art & Nature

Do you feel like your negative emotions are controlling and ruining your days?
Do you feel like they are running rampant and you have no control over how you feel?
Do you feel like you just can't let go of fear, stress or worry?
Have you been searching for a healthy way to relieve and overcome your negative emotions?
If so, these courses are thoughtfully designed for you.
You can,
Discover the healing Power of Art & Nature through a cathartic art experience.
An experience that allows you to paint out how you are feeling on canvas in color.
There is absolutely **no artistic experience** required or even necessary. This is an exercise in letting out and letting go.
Through guided mantas, visualizations and painting out how you feel. You will experience the cathartic relief of transforming your negative emotions and regaining control of how you feel
Remember the path is here,
but you have to choose to take the steps and actions into a better you today.
In turn creating a more beautiful you tomorrow.
The journey is yours.

Remember the time you felt.....

  • Depressed, Angry
  • Anxious, Worried
  • Fearful, Uncertain
  • Sad, lonely, confused
The list of negative feeling can continue on and on. Sadly some people reading this have strong connections to one or more of these feelings at this moment. 

Is yours on the list ?

Are you ready to transform it?

The Story is the Same...

Knowing isn't enough.
Sure you've listened to all the right podcasts or audio books. Maybe you have even went "old school" and read an actual book. Continually seeking ways to work through those challenging feelings.

You know the ones...
The ones that keep you awake at night or stops you from accomplishing daily successes. They take up way too many moments of your day.
Fear, anger, worry, or sorrow as the list expands you become stuck within a negative loop of thoughts that that goes on and on and often spirals out of control. Woven so deep within the  fabric of your being you feel like just cant escape it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Meet Your Guide, Rebecca.

Rebecca, is a Fine Artist who is no stranger to these wide ranges of emotions. Throughout her life she has faced similar struggles and has sought healthy ways to bridle her emotions and harness them into life giving service.
Art & Nature have always been passions of hers and the emotional release and rejuvenation that they have provided is unmistakable. Just recently the combination of deep trance, with intention and her heartfelt passions have opened the doors to a magical coalescing of energy.
This course is designed to guide you to a similar place. A place where you can get in touch with the negative emotions you've held onto for far too long. Knowing you are worth it and that those feelings can be processed and released allowing you to regain control of your life. Ultimately finding the beautiful in you!

 There is only 1 questions to ask your self


Choose the Path of Fire to Burn Away Your Negative Emotions

Take Action .  "Taking action is the path to growth"....... I seem to recall everyone saying in all those podcasts. 

As you journey down this path with Rebecca you can recognize those emotions flowing freely on to the canvas.
Giving yourself permission  to LET GO of all expectations and be.
This is not a paint by numbers activity nor is it one that will teach you to paint.
It is one that will show you the control and inner power you have to let go of what's holding you back emotionally.

Be warned a feeling of inner peace will find its way to filling those cleared spaces. If you've carried it for a long time you will feel different at first. 

Clear and Flexible

No need to be a artist. This is perfect for everyone. A Clear and easy guide to get you in the flow.

WorkShop Friendly

Gather with friends for a unique bonding experience.


Letting go of the emotion through a multi-sensory experience like no other.

Multi-Sensory Expression

Stimulating Auditory, Visual, Kinestic activities 
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"At Any Skill Level, Making Art Reduces Stress Hormones"  
Drexel University study

“It wasn’t surprising because that’s the core idea in art therapy: Everyone is creative and can be expressive in the visual arts when working in a supportive setting. That said, I did expect that perhaps the effects would be stronger for those with prior experience.”

Creative Arts Interventions for Stress Management...

 National Library of Medicine

The Healing Power of Art

Harvard Medical School

Achieve your goals

 Your Cathartic Journey Awaits

Find the Beautiful 

Find your way to peace. 

Frequently asked questions

Are the paints and materials included?

This course does NOT include the paints or materials. There are links provided in the course for your convenience or you can take this list to any local craft store and support the small business.

Is this a paint by numbers?

This course was designed to allow for your complete emotional experience. Whatever that means to you. Guidelines are provided and are meant to give direction and help with intent. The rest comes from you!

How long will each section take?

Overall drying time for each stage can very depending on the materials you are using and the environment you're in. The stages have time guidelines and encourage you to follow your work flow. You many find you have expressed yourself before the time or you need  to finish a thought well after. This is your journey.

When will you have more courses available?

New courses will be released soon. Including a breathe taking collection of Rebecca's private sketches. Converted now to a peaceful adult coloring experience.
Meet the instructor

Rebecca Van Houte

Rebecca Van Houte is an accomplished, professional artist whose work has always centered around her love of Nature and finding what's beautiful in the world. She has enjoyed the freedom of sharing her visions through her original and commissioned paintings. In following her journey of growth she found through the combination of meditation, hypnosis and trance like techniques have helped her connect very deeply to an emotional flow that transferred so well that she needed to share. The experience has inspired her as she hopes it will inspire you to paint out your negative feelings and transform your emotional well being. 
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This experience transformed how I was feeling. Thank you
I am most grateful that I learned how to let out my emotions in such a positive, healing way.
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