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Cathartic Art Fire - Find the Beautiful in You

An online journey to express and heal your negative emotions through the Elements of Fire.

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Experience the healing power of Art and Nature.

We will help you unleash your negative emotions. Allowing you cathartic release through the Element of Fire
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Cathartic Art Fire

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This course is for anyone who is looking for a healthy outlet for their negative emotions.
You will be guided through painting out your emotions on canvas utilizing the power of Nature. 

Begin your journey today

Cathartic Art Fire - Find the Beautiful in You

Rebecca Van Houte

Artist, Painter, Art Guide, Creator of Cathartic Art and findthebeautiful.com
Rebecca, is a Fine Artist who is no stranger to these wide ranges of emotions. Throughout her life she has faced similar struggles and has sought healthy ways to bridle her emotions and harness them into life giving service.
Art & Nature have always been passions of hers and the emotional release and rejuvenation that they have provided is unmistakable. Just recently the combination of deep trance, with intention and her heartfelt passions have opened the doors to a magical coalescing of energy.
This course is designed to guide you to a similar place. A place where you can get in touch with the negative emotions you've held onto for far too long. Knowing you are worth it and that those feelings can be processed and released allowing you to regain control of your life. Ultimately finding the beautiful in you!

Kind Course Reviews

Cathartic Art Fire was a wonderful experience. I was able to truly let out my negative emotions like I never have before.
I have never painted before and found this course very easy. Just what I needed for how I was feeling. I am surprised that I actually feel better.
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